Beating golfers elbow – PRP injections in Palmetto Bay

Beating golfers elbow – PRP injections in Palmetto Bay

Golf, like any other sport, rewards dedication and repetition. Getting good distance off any swing, or accurate putting, comes down to all the practice put into it. To the surprise of people unfamiliar with the sport, it is very possible to suffer painful injury just through playing the game. Golfer’s elbow, or medial epicondyle, can affect any who plays the game. Professional tour golfers, to amateurs can quickly find themselves unable to swing a club without intense pain. There are many solutions, from steroid injections to surgery, but these are not always successful. In some cases, they could make the problem worse! Fortunately, there is another option; one ailing golfer underwent PRP injections in Palmetto Bay, thanks to MD Ageless.

The Amateur Golfer

Palmetto Golf Course is a par 70 challenge that Rodolfo has spent years trying to beat. Every day that he spends on the greens and fairways is one step closer to that goal. In one visit, he may spend up to four hours on the course, weather permitting. Four hours of walking, golf-cart driving, and club swinging.

In recent years, Rodolfo noticed pain in his right elbow, pain that slowly spread through his arm. The pain grew sharp with each swing. Even putting was growing difficult. Eventually he would feel tingling in his right hand. At first, the pain was something he could play through, until one day it wasn’t. He couldn’t finish more than three holes that day.

Why PRP injections in Palmetto Bay over surgery or steroids?

The physicians he spoke to had bad news: it was Golfer’s elbow, the result of years playing golf for long hours. At first, he was told to rest from the game, ice the affected part of arm, compress and elevate the elbow. The typical answer to a stress injury like this. But weeks went by without improvement. The pain was getting so bad that just trying to open a door with his right hand caused intense pain.

Eventually, the doctors offered steroid injections or surgery to try and correct the elbow. Neither option sounded appealing to Rodolfo. Some research taught him how steroid injections could possibly make the injury worse over time. And surgery would require the arm to be immobilized for some time while the elbow healed. It was during the research that he learned about platelet rich plasma injections, and that there was a clinic that could perform PRP injections in Palmetto Bay.

Positive results, without steroids or invasive surgery!

After meeting with an MD Ageless pain specialist, Rodolfo decided to go with PRP injections. The procedure itself was painless, and after a month, he was experiencing significantly less pain. A second PRP injection six weeks after the first ultimately allowed Rodolfo to get back on the course.

You don’t need to play golf to suffer from golfer’s elbow. It is more than just an inconvenience for having played a sport. This type of injury can happen to anyone who puts strain on their wrists and elbows on a regular basis. A truck driver can be hit just as hard by golfer’s elbow!

Sufferers like Rodolfo can find everyday living greatly affected. What appears to be a simple task could cause a sudden flare up of discomfort. Steroid injections can help, but oftentimes the results are temporary at best. Surgery can fix the problem, but it is invasive. If something goes wrong during the surgery, or the first attempt does not fix the problem, further surgery may be needed. MD Ageless’ PRP injections have solved chronic pain for many patients, and they might be the right solution for you!

Our clinic can handle patients in need of PRP injections in Palmetto Bay. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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