Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Brickell

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Brickell

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Brickell

Susan and Jonathan have been married for 35 years, and at least twenty of them have been spent in Brickell. Their children have long since gone out on their own. Retirement has come and gone, with Susan leaving behind her work in air traffic control, and Jonathan ending a decades long career in personal injury law. They live together in the same home they first purchased when moving out to Brickell. Unfortunately, there were some bumps in the road, and traditional medicine was falling short. However, Susan found a way to solve those problems; MD Ageless Solutions provides bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Brickell.

The ‘bumps’ in the road

The children have been gone for some time, but Susan never stopped being a mother. Even before retirement, Susan put more emphasis on other’s well-being. It’s part of motherhood, and part of being in an ATC tower. Without the kids at home, she took to babysitting and cooking for local families.

However, despite a good home life, a good love life, with friends and co-workers she could depend on, Susan was depressed and she knew it. She was gaining weight rapidly, and sacrificing foods she loved to try to control it only made her feel worse. She tried her best to hide it from Jonathan and from others. Eventually, the struggle to feel ‘normal’ encompassed every single day. It got to the point where she was no longer in the mood for sex. There were days where she would be happier than she could remember being in years. And there were days where the bitterness set in, when she wanted to be alone.

Before getting bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Brickell, Susan had seen many doctors. She was growing frightened by her seemingly sudden changes in her emotional and physical state. A psychiatrist suggested anti-depressants. Her primary care physician suggested a diet that was, as far as she was concerned, devoid of the foods she enjoyed. She was put on hormones for the hot flashes that ruined her sleep at night. Even after retirement, there were days where she did not feel rested.

A better way forward, through BHRT

It was Jonathan who ultimately came through for Susan with a suggestion. She was retired, and deserved some real happiness. Despite what other doctors were prescribing, she wasn’t getting any better. In many ways, she was getting worse. After some research, they discovered BHRT as a possible alternative. They found a clinic that could help with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Brickell.

After meeting with the team at MD Ageless, Susan was offered treatment with bio-identical hormones. Combined with a decent diet, and her already ‘relaxed’ lifestyle, Susan began to see improvements. Her weight got back under control. She could sleep through the night at her husband’s side. Her libido was eventually restored. And more importantly, she was happier, with no need for anti-depressants or their side effects.

It sounds like a fairy tale. We’re told that conventional solutions are “one size fits all”, especially when it comes to mental and physical health. But for Susan, her solution was to come to MD Ageless for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Brickell. And there are millions of men and women like her throughout the US. People who are dealing with the effects of age and stress. People who aren’t getting results from traditional medicine. Perhaps you are one of them, and MD Ageless is ready to help.

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