Getting help with an HCG diet in Brickell

HCG diet in Brickell

Getting help with an HCG diet in Brickell

As many people can say, it’s not easy to lose weight. There’s any number of diet plans out there, with rules and restrictions about what you can and can’t eat. Many diets involve limiting your calorie intake. However, no matter what diet you choose, you’re faced with reality: you won’t be eating as much, and rapid weight-loss often comes at the cost of muscle, not just the fat. Worse yet, when you are on heavy diet restrictions, you can face serious medical complications if you’re not paying attention! As one culinarian discovered, there was a better way to lose weight than just to eat less; MD Ageless Solutions offers a modern HCG Diet in Brickell.

Getting back into healthy shape for every day work

Being a cook had defined Ernesto’s life for over twenty years. Unfortunately, being overweight was another thing that defined his life, and it was becoming a problem in the kitchen. He’d tried many diets, and he was caught in the same loop that so many Americans found themselves in: crash diet, lose weight, start eating normally, the weight comes right back.

What he didn’t understand was the nature of his weight loss. Years of work at his restaurant built him muscle. While he did lose fat with each diet, he was also losing muscle. His body would rapidly restore that muscle whenever he returned to routine eating. In many cases, it would feel as though he’d lost nothing at all. In the worst cases, he’d end up weighing more than when he started the diet.

The worst was how he physically felt. Every crash diet made him feel weak and hungry. He simply wasn’t eating enough to get through the day. Many times, he simply gave in to a very real physical need to eat, to avoid collapsing at home or work. It was obvious he needed a change, and that’s when he looked into an HCG diet in Brickell.

“It worked when nothing else seemed to.”

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The traditional HCG diet allows for an absolute minimum in calories a day. For a working man like Rodrigo, it was clear that he couldn’t handle a mere 500 calories a day, not without severe health consequences. After consultation with MD Ageless, we were able to work out a diet that ensured he was getting the nutrition he needed. He was still eating less than normal, but he wasn’t starving himself by the end of his first week of treatment.

The results speak for themselves. The HCG injections allowed him to maintain more muscle mass while still burning fat on the diet. Between eating less, eating healthy, and his 5-days-a-week routine at work, he returned to the weight he was when he first started cooking at his own restaurant.

We know there are HCG diets advertising miracle results every day. Here at MD Ageless, we provide more realistic solutions that don’t put your health at risk. If you are looking into an HCG diet in Brickell, we want to help you!

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