Getting PDO threads in Pinecrest – Wedding Day

PDO threads in Pinecrest

Getting PDO threads in Pinecrest – Wedding Day

Age brings many changes to us, and they are not always easy to accept. However, thanks to various surgeries and treatments, there are ways to turn back the clock! PDO threads, a treatment pioneered in South Korea, has become one of the more popular facelifts methods. The actual procedure is quickly finished, and patients can be back to work often times within a day of treatment. With the busy lives many people lead, more invasive procedures that take weeks to recover from are not very convenient! When you have a very real deadline for an important social event coming up, you want to be ready in advance. For Graciela, getting PDO threads in Pinecrest was her only option. She wasn’t going to miss her cousin’s wedding for anything, and MD Ageless Solutions didn’t let her down.

“I’ve always been concerned about my face, I work with the public. A wedding is something else entirely!”

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Graciela’s younger cousin is closer to being a sister. They grew up together in Florida, and remain close to this day. When announced her wedding date, nobody was surprised that it was going to happen. What was a surprise to Graciela was that it was coming soon, not later. Years of working in the sun had taken it’s toll, and she was starting to see the first signs of smile lines, wrinkles at the corners of her eyes. Those didn’t bother her so much. What really bothered her were the sagging jowls.

“I’m too young for this!” she recalls wailing. She felt petty, and even embarrassed. Nobody had said anything to her, but now that she had noticed she couldn’t stop worrying about it. The last thing she wanted to was to stand next to her cousin for wedding photographs caked in make-up to hide what she was ashamed of. She considered plastic surgery, a proper face lift. Time was running out, and she couldn’t afford to be out of work for weeks to recover from either of these procedures.

It was then she learned of a clinic offering PDO threads in Pinecrest. A procedure that didn’t require her to lose days or weeks at a time. It seemed too good to be true.

The MD Ageless Solutions alternative

Graciela’s outcome was far better than she expected. After a consultation with MD Ageless, she decided on scheduling a procedure as soon as possible. A week later, at the start of a three day weekend, Graciela came to the clinic for the procedure.

“I was a bit nervous,” she says. “But Dr. Sosa treated me perfectly. I had to ask her if she’d started!”

The procedure was completed in just over an hour. After spending some time in the office resting to ensure she was okay to drive home, she did exactly that. Within weeks, she was seeing positive results. Two months after her PDO threads were inserted, she was at her cousin’s wedding, feeling confident about her looks.

Thanks to MD Ageless Solutions, a facelift isn’t out of reach! Whether you need PDO threads in Pinecrest, or another aesthetic service, contact us today, and learn what we can do for you!

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