Looking young again – PDO Threads in Brickell

PDO Threads in Brickell

Looking young again – PDO Threads in Brickell

Pioneered in South Korea, polydioxanone threads, or PDO threads, have grown immensely popular over the last several years. An alternative to traditional face lift surgery, PDO threads promise improved facial appearance with a non-invasive procedure. The results can be seen within weeks of the procedure, and recovery time is minimal. For people in their mid-thirties just starting to see the first signs of age in their expression, or for older people who want to avoid going under the knife for hours at a time, it’s an attractive alternative. These advantages are why Patricia went with PDO Threads in Brickell, provided by MD Ageless.

“I run a boutique, I can’t afford to spend weeks in recovery!”

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Patricia has her own boutique outside of Brickell. It became her business after her mother retired, and it will likely be passed on to Patricia’s own daughter in the future. But that is far in the future. With only three employees including herself, Patricia insists on staying active in the continued management of her store.

As she grew older, she started to notice the telltale signs of age. Her jowls and eyebrows sag. Wrinkles and smile lines are visible. Now in her late 40s, Patricia wanted to do something about this. However, she’d seen enough horror stories of face lifts gone wrong that she was shying away from traditional methods. And with such a small staff for her store, spending days or even weeks recovering from such a procedure was out of the question.

With research on the internet, Patricia discovered that there was something available to her that could accomplish what she desired. MD Ageless Solutions provides PDO threads in Brickell, conveniently close to home. Reading more about PDO threads made it sound almost too good to be true.

A short recovery time for a major improvement

Knowing that she can get PDO threads in Brickell is good, but internet research alone is not enough. A visit with an MD Ageless specialist made the decision a simple one. Patricia could be in and out of the office within a day, and even return to work the following Monday!

Eight months later, there’s no sign of any surgery, no scarring. The sagging brows and jowls are things of the past.

With thousands of satisfied customers, MD Ageless Solutions can provide all manner of aesthetic improvements! Whether that’s PDO threads in Brickell, HCG weight loss plans, or even botox injections, we will help you look and feel younger!

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