Meeting old friends – HCG weight loss diet in Coconut Grove

HCG weight loss diet in Coconut Grove

Meeting old friends – HCG weight loss diet in Coconut Grove

Getting ready for a wedding is a stressful time for many people. Obviously, the groom and the bride have a lot to worry about. But even the guests have worries of their own. Nobody wants to show up to a celebration not looking or feeling at their best. You want your clothes to fit right. The inevitable pictures snapped at the wedding are things you want to look back on fondly! For Ronda and Barry of Coconut Grove, they found a way to make it happen, just in time for their best friends’ nuptials: MD Ageless Solutions offers an HCG weight loss diet in Coconut Grove.

“We tried diets and exercise, nothing works!”

It’s a phrase you’ll hear depressingly often, even at a gym filled with people exercising hard. Ronda and Barry were two people who were saying it, with five months to go before the wedding between two friends they’ve known since high school.

It had been years since they actually seen eachother in person. After a move to Coconut Grove, the usual weekends Ronda and Barry would spend with their old friends just weren’t feasible. It’s a long flight to Pennsylvania, after all. Now that a reunion was at hand, they were forced to confront reality: they’d gained a few more sizes than they cared to admit.

For years, the couple went with every diet plan they could try. Both are members of a gym, and both take working out seriously even today. Despite these efforts, results were minimal for the effort being put out. By chance, Ronda heard about HCG diets on a television program one evening. After some research, they discovered there was a clinic that could help them plan an HCG weight loss diet in Coconut Grove.

“We wanted results fast.” Their HCG weight loss diet in Coconut Grove made it happen.

With four months to go before the big day, Ronda and Barry went to MD Ageless. They’d understood that the HCG protocol would be a challenge. The meals they were used to consuming had to go, and both expressed fear of feeling out of energy with such a low calorie intake. However, thanks to a restricted diet, and the HCG doses, they did find almost immediate success. Within a month of starting their diet plan, Ronda and Barry lost 25 and 27 pounds respectively. Better yet, their energy levels remained high!

They met regularly with MD Ageless to monitor their progress, and to ensure no complications arose. We helped them set reasonable goals through all phases of the diet. With a month to go before the big wedding, the couple felt confident enough to have their clothes for the celebration tailored to their new sizes.

If you’re interested in an HCG weight loss diet in Coconut Grove, MD Ageless Solutions can help. We’ll help set up a diet plan that will achieve your goals, and the looks you desire. If you’re trying to get ready for a reunion with old friends, this can help you regain confidence!

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