A South Miami HCG Diet Story

South Miami HCG diet

A South Miami HCG Diet Story

Everyone who has tried a diet after hearing good news about it can testify how hard it is to get those promised results. Crash diets combined with excessive exercise are surprisingly common choices for many dieters. Others try specialized diet plans and philosophies. Bookstores have shelves filled with various ‘named’ diets. For one Florida woman, nothing worked until she tried a South Miami HCG diet through MD Ageless Solutions.

The Story of Wanda’s Reunion

Wanda’s diet journey began like many others do: a special event was coming up in about a year, and she wanted to slim up a bit before going to see old friends. At first, she tried eating ‘healthy’. She ate smaller portions, which seemed to have results at first. She couldn’t do anything about her hunger pangs, though.

After she felt satisfied with her weight loss, she didn’t maintain those eating habits. The weight came back. She once again threw herself into a healthy diet, eating even less than before, and added a strenuous exercise routine. Unfortunately, exercise had the side effect of making her almost unbearably hungry. She couldn’t maintain the super-small portions and the exercise plan together, not without feeling miserable.

Eventually, after months on diets and exercise, she was noticing that she was constantly losing muscle and strength. The fat on her waist was also slowly draining away, but it could seemingly come back faster than she was losing it.

“I was nervous on the surface, but ready to drop pounds”

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Wanda wanted to lose the pounds for a reunion, but more importantly she wanted to look and feel good in her daily life. When she heard about a clinic providing South Miami HCG diet treatments, she did some personal research. It was almost too good to be true, but she was desperate to find a way to not just lose weight, but keep it off.

Consulting MD Ageless for her South Miami HCG diet allowed her to feel more confident about this issue. She was afraid about eating so little on top of the HCG injections she would need to take regularly. She’d heard the stories about how malnutrition was a danger experienced by others who took on the diet from other clinics.

Like so many others, the HCG injections helped suppress Wanda’s hunger while on the diet. More importantly, she learned how to plan for a specific calorie count that wasn’t too low, or too high. At MD Ageless, we know that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for any diet. We tailor an HCG diet to the unique needs of every patient.

At the end of the day, Wanda was able to lose the weight she wanted to lose. She stayed healthy on a controlled diet, and her HCG injections helped suppress her hunger. Wanda was not only ready for her reunion, but she felt more confident on the beach, and out on vacation!

If you’re looking into a South Miami HCG diet clinic, MD Ageless wants to help you like we have helped so many others!

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