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For Face, Neck and Body, Lifting & Tightening.

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For Face, Neck and Body Lifting & Tightening

Noninvasive lifting of arms, thighs, abdomen, buttock and knee skin with transcutaneous intense focus Ultrasound Ultherapy. The most effective and permanent solution.

How is Ultherapy superior to any other therapy in the market for skin tightening?

  • It’s the only therapy that can penetrate up to 5 mm depth
  • Single treatment.
  • No downtime
  • All skin times
  • Safe ultrasound
  • Scientifically proven to increase collage by 50%

Facial and non-facial skin laxity has traditionally been treated using surgical lifting procedures. Over the past two decades, a wide range of noninvasive treatments such as laser or Radiofrequency have been introduced as an alternative therapy to achieve variables degrees of tightening. In essence, these treatments deliver infrared light or RF to induce controlled thermal injury to a maximum depth 2 mm. Although tightening been shown with laser and RF, several short coming exist, including inconsistent outcomes, need for multiple sessions, and associated pain and cost.

Most recently, intense focused ultrasound ( Ultherapy), has been FDA approved for facial and neck lifting. Ultherapy can deliver higher energy and can penetrate to the level of the muscle. Ultherapy is highly effective because it’s the only machine in the market that can deliver energy up to 5 mm depth. In general, only one treatment is required that might last up to 3 years. Ultherapy is now used to treat the texture of the décolletage area, this is the only treatment effective to treat wrinkles in this area.

Ultherapy came out last with a superficial transducer to specifically address skin texture and fine lines. this yellow transducer is effective in treating fine lines around the mouth and eyes.

Lastly, Ultherapy had recently been used to tighten difficult areas from the body, where aging is very noticeable like arms, hands, upper knee, buttock, inner thigh and abdomen. Ultherapy, effectively improve the clinical appearance of these areas. We do provide FREE Anesthesia Blocks as part of Ultherapy treatment for better patient comfort and satisfaction.

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