Walking On Your Own – PRP injections in Coral Gables

PRP injections in Coral Gables

Walking On Your Own – PRP injections in Coral Gables

As we age, we inevitably become less physically capable. For some of us, this process takes longer than it does for others. Nobody wants to lose the ability to get out of the house on their own two feet. A father may want to keep playing sports with the family. A grandmother may simply want to walk around her neighborhood with the grandchildren. For Dolores, the pain of walking made this seem impossible. However, after getting PRP injections in Coral Gables through MD Ageless, the dream became a reality.

“An unberable pain in my hips with every step I take.”

Before her PRP injections in Coral Gables, that was how Dolores described it. Unbearable pain that on some days left her crying in bed, unwilling to try getting up.

Having just turned 60, she described herself as “too young” for hip problems. The issue began almost exactly six months before her birthday, though at the time she didn’t think much of it. Her grandchildren were visiting Coral Gables, and one day they took a walk down Miracle Mile. She remembers a soreness that she never felt before. After she sat down for about half an hour, she says her hips felt stiff.

This was her first real experience with the osteoarthritis in her hips. Doctors would diagnose this a month before she turned 60.

“I didn’t want surgery, not before my birthday!”

When Dolores did get the x-rays, the pain had progressed to the point where she was using a cane. It helped little. She was already resting as much as possible, and using painkillers when she needed to. The pain was getting to the point where over-the-counter medicines weren’t doing the trick.

Her primary care doctor suggested surgery up front. The x-rays had revealed a serious enough condition that made Dolores a candidate for hip replacement. She almost went through with it, and many Americans suffering hip pain do. We’ve come a long way with this type of surgery, but the prospect still frightened her.

Recovery would take months. For six weeks Dolores wouldn’t be able to drive for her errands. Even after three months, she may not have fully recovered. And if there were complications with her new hip joints, it would be another trip under the knife.

Her doctor said that there were alternatives. Cortisone shots could limit the pain, but depending on the severity of Dolores’ condition they may not stay effective for long. And there was always the risk that such treatment could make the condition worse! He also mentioned Platelet-rich Plasma therapy. Dolores learned that this type of treatment had helped athletes like Tiger Woods.

“I found out I could get my PRP injections in Coral Gables…”

Before Dolores made her decision to come to MD Ageless Solutions, she did more research about PRP. What was important to her was the recovery time and the results. She didn’t want to spend weeks relying on others to get around, and she didn’t want the risks involved with hip surgery. The more she read about PRP, and how it helped injured athletes return to their sports, she made her choice.

Her first PRP injections took place the day after she turned 60. She was able to go home the same day of the procedure. Dolores received two more treatments over the following three weeks, with no complications every time. Her daily life remained uninterrupted, though she did rest a lot more.

The real results came about seven weeks after her first shots. Dolores felt that she could walk around her home without her cane. It was at this point that she realized that PRP was truly working.

Today, over a year after her very first PRP injections in Coral Gables, Dolores walks without any assistance. There’s no more pain in her hips, even when the grandchildren come to visit. She claims she could out-walk anyone else in her family now!

If you’re interested in Platelet-rich Plasma therapy for your hip pain, Coral Gables residents can contact MD Ageless Solutions today! We’re more than happy to schedule a consultation with you and our pain specialists. If you’re looking for a safe alternative for your hip pain, PRP injections in Coral Gables might be the right solution!

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