Week 12: MD Ageless Solutions Friday Fullest Lip Contest

Week 12: MD Ageless Solutions Friday Fullest Lip Contest

Naomi Campbell is as famous for her temper as she is for her beauty. She has undeniably a great skin, full lips, symmetrical face, and long legs all thanks to being super lucky in the gene pool. And there are many celebrities that have changed their looks to become successful. One of them, Lisa Rinna, had silicone put into her lips when she was in her 20s. If she had the choice, she would still get the silicone lip implants – they helped launch her career. “I would do it again. I never had a career before I had the lips so my lips have had their own career.” Which of these looks is your favorite?  Don’t forget to vote and leave your comments below.

Dr. Sosa has seen an increase in younger patients who would like a better aesthetic looking lips with more volume than what they were blessed with. You can read more about Derma-Fillers benefits and solutions to your facial issues at http://mdagelesssolutions.com/facial-rejuvenation/dermal-fillers/. Dr. Sosa mentioned that one of the major benefits of Derma-Filler was it gave patients more of a younger and plumper lips and for mid-age women this is a real benefit.

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