Thermiva Laser

MD Ageless Solutions

Aug 03 2018

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ThermiVa® is a Radio-frequency non-surgical treatment to help rejuvenate the vagina to either tighten it, improving lubrication and improving the collagen of external labia lips. Thermiva also treats stress and urge urinary incontinence.

Thermiva treatments uses radiofrequency to gently heat tissue to reclaim, restore and revive intimate tissue without discomfort or downtime. Collagen contraction and formation of new collagen occurs at 42 Celsius. Same thing happens at this temperature for elastin formation and restoration of a moist mucosa. With thermiva the vaginal canal, G spot, tissue around the urethra, external labia and clitoris is heat up to 47 Celsius for up to 20 minutes depending on patient tolerance.

Childbirth and the natural aging process causes changes in the women intimate parts that might affect them physically, functionally and emotionally. Thermiva provides instant gratification without downtime since women will experience even after one treatment improving in vaginal tightening, lubrication and less urinary incontinence. In general three treatments are recommend one month apart and then once or every other year to maintain the results. 

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PDO threading for face, neck and body lifting or tightening

MD Ageless Solutions

Aug 02 2018

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The PDO skin booster or Polydioxanone is a colorless, crystalline, biodegradable synthetic polymer. PDO sutures have many benefits over other sutures like better strength, uniformity of the caliber, good biological tolerability, totally absorbable by hydrolysis and reabsorption by the lymphatic system.

PDO threads increase the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and improves circulation. By stimulating new collage, it results in increase elasticity and firmness of the skin. Bio-stimulation is a new approach that can lift the face, neck and body. The insertion of these filaments which are absorbed in the tissue leaves the skin firmer, more elastic and better hydrated.

The results of using medithread PDO suture as a treatment are: rejuvenation, lifting effect, toning of the tissue, wrinkling improvement and hydrated skin. Results are seen right away and after two weeks the body starts the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Results continue up to six to nine months until the suture is completely absorbed, however the aesthetic effects might last up to 18 months. 

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CANDELA Gentle Laser

MD Ageless Solutions

Aug 01 2018

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The gentle Pro series effectively treats the widest range, from Caucasian to African American, hair follicles diameter size for hair removal, vascular and pigment lesions and provides skin wrinkles reduction.

With the Gentle Pro 1064 mm wavelengths, the targeted hair absorbs laser energy. The absorbed light damages the hair follicle without injuring healthy tissue around. Also, the machine comes integrated with a cooling system that allow the skin to cool off avoiding potential complications related to the procedure like skin burns. No more painful shaving OR waxing. Laser hair removal is now the most effective way chosen by dermatologists for eliminating unwanted body and facial hair. At MD Ageless Solutions, we use the absolute best laser hair removal technology available to quickly, safely, and effectively remove unwanted hair from the body area and any skin color. Our Candela GentleLase and GentleYAG hair removal lasers set us apart. No other hair removal technology is as effective a Candela GentleLase. You will enjoy permanent results in the fewest number of laser treatments. No need of gels or expensive numbing creams required. Laser hair removal treatments are quick, no discomfort.  Your skin will feel smooth, silky with no shadow, no stubble, no razor burns or cuts. 

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