Vampire Breast Lift

What is the vampire breast lift?

This procedure is a temporary non-surgical medial( cleavage) breast enhancement. The doctor evaluates the shape of the breast to determine where it can be enhanced. Then prepares the PRP for injection. As with other procedures involving the injection of PRP, this is accomplished by isolating growth factors from the patient’s blood.

What else other than PRP can be injected?

The PRP is injected into the patient’s breast. PRP can be combined with DERMAL FILLERS or FAT for long lasting results.

How does that work?

The growth factors present in PRP will cause increase in collagen and new blood flow. This process activates stem cells present in the breast to grow new blood vessels, collagen, and fatty tissue. The result? “Younger-appearing skin and increased volume of fatty tissue!”.

How long does results last?

According to the creators of the Vampire Breast Lift, the procedure can accomplish all kinds of things. These claims include lifting up modestly saggy breasts, improving the shape and look of cleavage for up 1 year, fixing inverted nipples, improving stretch marks, and increasing breast and nipple sensitivity.

The cost of any procedure varies from doctor to doctor depending on their geographic location, experience, and other factors. Some reports put the Vampire Breast Lift cost at around $1,800, and the fact that it’s not permanent means that it could add up to more. Vampire Breast Lifts do not provide the same permanent results as traditional breast lifts.

Is there any downtime? What is needed it to do the procedure?

At MD Ageless Solutions we require a normal mammography within the last year. There is no downtime after the procedure is done.

Does this procedure increase Nipple sensation?

PRP will cause increase blood flow and create collagen. This process might activates stem cells present in the breast and enhance nerve tissue formation. Some patients experience decreased or no nipple sensation after surgery or breast feeding. PRP injections can help restore skin sensation again.

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