• HCG Weight Loss

    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is one of the key hormones involved in lipid metabolism.

  • HCG Weight Loss

    The doctor Albert T. W. Simeons was an endocrinologist who specialized in tropical diseases.



As researchers delve ever deeper into the science of weight loss, it’s no surprise they’re learning that hormones play a key role in regulating the body’s metabolism.

At our Miami HCG weight-loss clinic, we pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of treatments that can help you reach and maintain your ideal weight.

That’s why we present HCG treatment along with our array of weight-loss options.



Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is one of the key hormones involved in lipid metabolism, which refers to the body’s fat-burning mechanism. HCG is a glycoprotein that’s produced in pregnancy by the developing embryo and later, by the mother’s placenta.

HCG helps nourish the fetus with energy from the mother’s fat stores. It’s Mother Nature’s way of ensuring the next generation of healthy humans while not depleting the mother’s strength.

Nowadays HCG’s hormonal powers have been harnessed for adults who wish to lose body fat and still maintain muscle mass. We combine this treatment with a low-calorie diet and other tactics to increase the rate of weight loss. For patients whose overriding goal is to shed pounds, this is a therapeutic option that should not be overlooked. hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, it is a hormone pregnant women produce in very high concentrations during pregnancy. This hormone affects your fat cell metabolism therefore making you lose weight. What makes treatment with hCG so effective is that patients lose significantly more body fat than patients who are on a diet only.. The hCG used at Md Ageless Solutions is naturally manufactured in an FDA approved pharmacy. Most of Dr. Sosa's patients will lose 1 to 2 pounds of fat daily. Maintaining a good diet of fiber and adequate water consumption is pivotal for your success. We will review all of this during your consultation in our beautiful centers located in the Miami, Kendall, Aventura, Doral, and Pembroke Pines areas. Contact us to Book a consultation!


HCG’s role in weight loss was discovered quite by accident. In the 1950s, a British doctor Albert T. W. Simeons was an endocrinologist who specialized in tropical diseases. His work led him from London to India, which was at the time a British colony.

During his 18 years in India, Dr. Simeons noticed that malnourished Indian women were still able to bear healthy babies. He theorized that pro-hormones produced naturally in pregnant women could affect how the body burned fat.

Dr Simeon

It made sense to Dr. Simeon and it makes sense to us that Mother Nature would have a way of ensuring that even hungry mothers-to-be could give birth to healthy babies.

HCG has a fundamental purpose (like other birth-related hormones such as oxytocin). HCG is what is known as a pro-hormone, which means it helps the body make more hormones and thus correct any deficiencies or imbalances.

This is an antidote to such problems as an under-performing thyroid or low testosterone levels. HCG also seems to contribute to feelings of nausea during pregnancy, which of course reduces the appetite in order to protect a pregnant woman from ingesting potentially harmful toxins.


Like many weight-loss programs, HCG weight loss has been widely reported in conventional media and on the Internet. For instance, on his TV show, Dr. Oz presented a program that featured a doctor selling her version of the HCG diet. Clients have popped up in online magazines such as Slate to describe their success stories.

The gist of these stories is that HCG weight loss works, although it certainly seems to work better when applied properly under medical supervision.

The controversy about HCG treatment seems to be caused by the way it’s applied. Some so-called experts advise a very restrictive diet (i.e., no vegetables, special oils). Others claim they are selling the only formulaic compound of HCG that works in weight loss. We say that HCG, when combined with medical advice, a sensible diet and realistic goals, is a weight-loss tool that has helped many people achieve the silhouette they’ve always wanted.

How is HCG different from the plethoria of weight-loss tools that exist on the market today? It seems to influence the way the body processes calories— and not just the input-output equation. Appetite, cravings, metabolic processes, emotional or binge eating . . . all are affected by our hormones. You can reduce the number of calories you consume each day, and still be confronted with the stubborn fact of non- weight loss. Many patients confide, in despair, that as soon as they try to return to eating normally, the pounds reappear again. Maybe it’s time to attack the root causes of weight gain, and analyze them from a scientific perspective.


Our patients who’ve followed one of our customized hcg weight-loss treatment plans have been very satisfied with their progress. They’ve also been pleased with the energy levels and mood they’ve maintained throughout the program period. It’s easy to wake up feeling optimistic and slender when you know you’re on the right track. Over the past 50 years, millions of people have used HCG, providing even more evidence that it’s a safe, effective and convenient therapy.

Is it Unhealthy?

No, hCG treated patients lost more body fat than non treated patients. It is true that both groups of patients who follow a low glycemic index diet will lose the same amount of weight but the difference is the superior body fat reduction when it comes to the hCG diet. The key is that fat is the content in the disease we call obesity. When evaluating an obesity treatment we need to address if the program decreases body fat content compared to other methods of weight loss. If a patient is given a diuretic and there weight is evaluated in 3 hours, they may lose four pounds of water weight but is this an effective weight loss program? NO when it comes to effective weight loss the key is fat loss.



You will start your new life with a consultation in our Miami clinic. As always, we need to have a medical history and do some routine physical exams. Each round of HCG weight loss treatment lasts from three to six weeks. After each cycle, there is a brief stabilization period to help prevent your body from becoming resistant to the treatment. After a short ‘vacation’, you can restart the treatment until you achieve the results you want.

Starting any new regimen can be exciting, stimulating, suspenseful and motivating. We understand that. New treatments can also be a bit overwhelming or anxiety-producing. Our staff at MD Ageless Solutions is here to help you through the transitional periods, and offer support when you hit the occasional speed bump.

Make this the year you finally achieve the body you want. At MD Ageless Solutions, we have an arsenal of tools to help you get started and stay on course. We service patients from areas: Kendall, West Kendall, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, South Miami, Miami, Homestead, Cutler Bay FL.

Give us a call to set up your initial consultation today. Let’s discuss what HCG weight loss program can do for you.

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