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ALMI Fat Transfer

What ALMI stand for?

ALMI stands for autologous lipocyte micronized injection. This is a revolutionary rejuvenating procedure that uses the patient’s own tissue to restore volume, texture, and skin tone with natural-looking results. The all-natural procedure is a simple outpatient treatment that can significantly reverse the signs of aging.

What is Bio-cellular therapy?

Bio-cellular therapy is the process of extracting adult stem cells and stromal cells from fat tissue and re-injecting them in areas of concern in the body. Stem cells in the fat tissue have the potential to develop into different types of cells forming new tissue and blood vessels.

How does ALMI work?

The procedure is done at the office where small liposuction is done under local anesthesia. 20 to 60 cc of fat are extracted along with PRP plasma. The fat is then minimally processed and separated in the centrifuge. The end product is then emulsified and this will make the fat really thin to inject similar to HA filler. This emulsification process decreases the chances of lumps and complications. The stromal fat tissue is placed along with PRP injections into the face, neck, hands, breast, outer female labia, and male penis.

How long does the procedure take and how long does it last?

The procedure involves doing small liposuction and then processing and cleaning the fat to re-inject in the area of concern. This takes approximately 2-3 hours and the results last up to 5 years.

What’s the downtime or recovery from the procedure?

After the procedure is done the patient might experience minimal swelling that might last two to three days. We recommend the use of intermittent ice and arnica. The procedure is painless as well since injections are done using blunt small cannulas.

Where else can the FAT or ALMI be injected?

The micronized fat and platelets can be injected directly into the FACE, HANDS, HAIR, and male and female genitalia for enhancement. ALMI utilizes the patient’s own tissues, which stimulates growth, repair, and rejuvenate the skin. When injected into the face and lips, ALMI will add fullness. Same when it’s injected into the hands, will rejuvenate and make the skin smooth. The stem cells and growth factors are injected on the scalp to stimulate hair growth and lastly, the micronized fat can be injected into the outer labia of the female genitalia or under the skin of the male genitalia to increase girth.

What’s the cost of this procedure?

This procedure involves the injection of micronized fat to correct volume; stem cell therapy to rebuild new tissue and PRP plasma with growth factors. This is a one time procedure where multiple areas can be done and will potentially last up to 5 years; the cost of the procedure starts at $2500.

Although the growth of fat on most parts of the body is considered as a bad sign, it is common belief that the fat which can be found on the face of a person is what provides them with a youthful and vibrant appearance. Old age can however cause deterioration in the fat content of your face. Old age causes volumes of fat start to diminish in areas that surround the eye as well as the cheek. This leads to the person having a hollowed appearance on their faces. Wrinkles and folds are also a direct result of fat content starting to diminish in the areas around the cheek and forehead. If you are also facing an issue of fat volumes depleting from your face and desire to reverse time and again gain your youthful visage, micronized fat grafting from MD Ageless is the perfect service to opt for.

Earlier methods of fat transfer and why they are ineffective

Micronized Fat Grafting is a recent development in the field of restoring fat volume in your face and hands. In the earlier days only grafting and dermal filters were the viable options. Traditional transfer methods of fat included the collection of fat from areas like the buttocks, thighs or the stomach. This fat was then filtered and process to remove the excess fat that might be present in it. Just the fat cells were isolated from the entire mass of fat that had been sucked out, and then these fat cells were re-injected into the desired location in a skilful manner. However, this method of fat transfer proved to be ineffective as almost half of the fat cells that were present failed to survive the process of transfer. This was so because the volume of the fat that was to be transferred was large and also lumpy at times. This prevented blood vessels from growing into the fat that had been injected. Owing to the reason that almost half of the transferred fat cells failed to survive, the desired area needed to be injected with extra fat, in order to provide the face and the hands with a natural look, once the process of healing got over. This would lead to swelling that could even last up to six weeks after the transfer of fat.

Micronized Fat Grafting: All you need to know

Micronized fat transfer is also known by the name of micro fat grafting. This process includes the harvesting of fat and then refining it in a manner that helps in truly isolating the cells of fat. The consistency and volume of the fat cells after the process of purification is much smoother as opposed to the traditional methods. The fat cells are also not damaged as a result of harvesting. This lump of fat is then mixed with PRP, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma. This plasma is harvested from your own blood and helps in blood vessels to grow around the fat cells after being injected into the desired area. This process involves the precise injection of fat cells into the desired area and obtains results almost instantly in the areas that are suffering from fat volume loss. Here at MD Ageless Solutions, we have perfected the art of micronized fat grafting and along with the expertise of our talented Dr. Yakelin Sosa, we are confident about bringing to you the safest and highly effective solutions of this innovative method.

Micronized Fat Grafting: How is it beneficial?

It is owing to a number of different advantages that the method of micronized fat grafting is considered to be more beneficial than the traditional methods of fat injection to the face or the hands. Some of these advantages have been enumerated below:

  • Micronized fat grafting is done with the fat cells that have been derived from your own body. Owing to them being from your own body, the chances of an allergic reaction is close to nil.
  • The fat that is injected in your body after the process of refining has a natural feeling and look to it. Therefore they are many times better than fillers.
  • The fat cells harvested as a result of this process survive longer than other traditional processes. They are known to last as much as ten times more than those that are derived from traditional processes.
  • Since PRP is mixed along with the fat, blood vessels find it easier to grow around the injected fat cells. This prevents them from dying and also provides a natural and healthy look to the face or the hand.

If you are looking for all of the advantages of micronized fat grafting, then MD Ageless is the place for you to be. Many years of experience in this field makes us the best choice for the job. The guarantee of outstanding results and a rejuvenated look is our USP, along with the availability of the world class Dr. Yakelin Sosa.

Why choose us?

We at MD Ageless are committed towards providing you with the best quality of services. Our expertise in the technique of micronized fat grafting and the experience that we have attained after having catered to hundreds of clients, makes us invaluable. Along with this we also have a highly talented team of professionals that is headed by the brilliant Dr. Yakelin Sosa.

Dr. Sosa understands how at times facial rejuvenation is all that matters in boosting the confidence and morale of her clients and she is dedicated towards providing you with the same feeling. Dr. Sosa has gained expertise in the field of techniques involving facial rejuvenation and had graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University Of Puerto Rico School Of Medicine. Her 13 years of experience in the field of medicine makes her an indomitable asset for us here at MD Ageless Solutions. However, the relationships that Dr. Sosa had fostered with her patients over the many years of her service as a medical practitioner is what describes her dedication and care for her patients the most. Visit us at MD Ageless and go back in time to attain that youthful look with our brilliant micronized fat grafting services.

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