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Stem Cells for Pain

What is a Stem Cell?

A Mesenchymal stem cell is a primary cell in the body that has the potential to turn into bone, muscle, cartilage, or new tissue like a tendon.

Where Stem Cells come from?

Stem cells come sterile from the human umbilical cord or can be harvested from adult bone marrow or fat.

How are Stem cells administered?

The stem cells are injected directly into the affected joint under sonography or fluoroscopy guidance. The stem cells will regenerate the damaged tissue, for example, tendons, cartilage, etc

How many sessions are needed?

In General, 1 session is needed, and if needed, a PRP injection is done a few months later.

Who’s the ideal candidate?

A patient with partial injuries that wants to use his own regenerative potential as an option to delay or avoid surgery.

What conditions can be treated with stem cells?

  • Shoulder Partial Rotator Cuff Tear.
  • Shoulder labral tears and arthritis.
  • Foot and ankle arthritis.
  • Tendon inflation or Tear.
  • Knee arthritis.
  • Partial meniscal or ACL tear.
  • Hip OA, Labral tear.
  • Spine facet pain, Disc disease.

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