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Non-Surgical Neck Lift

As we grow older, it is natural for our skin to lose its elasticity and become more pliable. While some individuals may consider undergoing cosmetic surgery to address these issues, others may prefer to opt for a less invasive solution. A non-surgical neck lift is a viable alternative that can help to tighten the skin around the jawline, minimize the visibility of scarring, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles caused by fine lines.

A non-surgical neck lift is an excellent choice for many people. Some of the procedures that we use for neck skin lifting include:


Ultherapy is a facial and neck lifting procedure that is approved by the FDA. It is a non-invasive treatment that uses heat to stimulate the body’s production of collagen. Collagen is a natural protein that provides the skin with a youthful, firmed, and toned appearance. As we age, collagen loses its strength and resilience, making it less able to resist the effects of gravity that cause skin to sag. Ultherapy offers a safe and effective solution to this problem, delivering heat below the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen production. It is a one-time treatment that can be repeated every 2-3 years, making it an excellent option for those looking to maintain their youthful appearance.


Did you know that Botox is an effective solution for addressing platysma bands? These bands are responsible for creating a sagging appearance in the neck region, but Botox can help smooth them out and give you a more youthful look.


The process of treating an area with radio frequency waves involves passing a small, tipped machine over it. Each area requires a pulse from the machine which takes anywhere from two to seven seconds. The level of pain experienced during the treatment varies from no pain at all to a mild stinging sensation or actual pain, depending on the individual and the amount of pain medication provided by the doctor. A minimum of 6 sessions, scheduled one week apart, are required for optimal results.
The results of non-surgical neck lift treatment may not be immediately noticeable, but improvements should become visible within a month. The improvements will continue for up to six months, and typically last between five to ten years.

Plasma Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that aims to reduce wrinkles and activate collagen production. This therapy uses platelets, which are natural resources in the body that speed up the healing of tissues, reduce inflammation and pain, and increase bone density, connective tissue, and the production of new blood cells.

The Platelet Rich Plasma Injection procedure involves removing a sample of the patient’s blood and placing it in a centrifuge machine that separates the blood from the plasma. The plasma is then re-injected into specific areas of the face where wrinkle elimination is desired. PRP injection is typically done every four weeks, three to six times, or until sufficient collagen production and wrinkle reduction are achieved.

The best part of this treatment is that it uses the patient’s own plasma, so there are no preservatives, and the chances of rejection are absolutely zero! The only significant risk of this type of treatment is mild to moderate bruising at the injection site. This side effect is highly dependent on whether or not the patient is already prone to bruising and does not occur in every individual.

Chemical Peels

Are you looking for a safe and minimally invasive way to improve the look of your skin? Look no further than a chemical peel! Often used on the face, these treatments, also known as chemexfoliation or derma peeling, can also enhance your hands and neck. Don’t let dull or uneven skin hold you back – try a chemical peel today!

The results of non-surgical neck lift treatment may not be immediately noticeable, but improvements should become visible within a month. The improvements will continue for up to six months, and typically last between five to ten years.

Fractional Laser

Non-ablative lasers have emerged as a contemporary type of aesthetic equipment for skin rejuvenation. Differing from ablative lasers, which completely resurface or remove the outermost layer of skin, non-ablative lasers rely on lower energy levels to induce damage within the dermal layer of the skin without compromising the integrity of the outer epidermal layer. This modality of treatment targets the layers of skin beneath the surface, while minimizing damage to the surface. Consequently, the recovery period following treatment is shorter, and the possibility of complications is notably reduced. The heat generated by non-ablative lasers in the dermal layers is thought to stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen production facilitates the reduction of lines and wrinkles, enhancing the appearance of skin.

Nonsurgical Neck Lift

Are you noticing visible signs of aging on your face and neck? As we age, our bodies gradually lose collagen levels, leading to a loss of volume, skin laxity, and sagging in the face and neck. This can be unpleasant and even creepy. However, there is good news! You can now uplift your saggy neck using nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. These treatments are effective and will help you achieve a younger and more vibrant appearance. Don’t let aging bring you down – take control of your appearance and feel confident in your skin again!

How can I tighten my neck without surgery?

There are various non-surgical ways to tighten your neck. Some of these methods include:

Use of cosmetic cream

By using cosmetic creams that contain N-acetyl glucosamine consistently for 16 weeks, you can achieve a tighter and more youthful appearance of your saggy neck skin.

Use of Botox (botulinum toxin type A)

Botox injections can effectively improve the appearance of saggy neck skin by tightening and rejuvenating it. With long-lasting results lasting up to 3 to 4 months, you can feel confident that your skin will remain firm and youthful-looking. By undergoing repeat injections, you can maintain the results and enjoy a more confident and beautiful appearance. Don't let saggy neck skin hold you back from feeling your best. Choose Botox injections and experience the confidence boost you deserve.

Laser skin resurfacing

Achieving a more youthful appearance is possible with laser skin resurfacing. This treatment can improve the texture and lift the skin, even on the neck.


Ultherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that utilizes focused ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin. This treatment is designed to tighten skin on the neck without the need for invasive surgery. Its non-invasive nature makes it an increasingly popular choice among patients seeking a more youthful appearance.

How much is a nonsurgical neck lift?

Nonsurgical neck lifts may be the perfect solution for you. Depending on the type of treatment, where you live, and who provides the service, costs can range from $450 to $6,500. Meanwhile, nonsurgical facelifts may cost an average of $2,800. With these options, you can achieve the look you want without breaking the bank. Don't wait any longer to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

What is the best treatment for a saggy neck?

Ultherapy is the most effective treatment for saggy necks. It is the only non-invasive procedure approved by the FDA for lifting the neck, chin, and brow. It also diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Ultherapy employs focused ultrasound energy to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The treatment tightens and lifts the skin, giving you a youthful-looking neck. Depending on your skin laxity, biological response to ultrasound energy and collagen-building process, you may need one or more treatments. Ultherapy delivers immediate and long-lasting results.

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