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Facial Fat Transfer in Miami, FL

Natural Dermal Filler Uses Your Own Cells

Have you reached that ‘difficult age’ when your face in a candlelit room looks beautiful but appears ten years older when you step outside or into a bright fluorescent-lit room?

Welcome to the club.

You can see the difference in your mirror— fine lines, sagging cheeks, pinched lip-line— but you don’t feel you are ready for major work just yet. And no, you can’t spend the rest of your life in a candlelit room.

We have a procedure that might help you through this awkward stage. It’s called autologous facial fat transfer. (The term ‘autologous’ means that it uses material from your own body.)

This procedure removes stem cells from your blood and fat tissue and transfers them lovingly o your cheeks and lips.

This type of procedure has been practiced for decades for skin rejuvenation. It’s not a new technique. The news is that we’ve been able to fine-tune it to serve the facial area.

So I have your attention? I can already hear your next question:

This technique is known as Collagen Induced Technique (CIT). All this is a very complex process, but the principle is quite easy to understand.

In Microneedling we simply utilize the body’s self-healing mechanisms. It reacts to the intrusion of micro-needles like it would react to any other skin penetrating object. But the difference is the size of the object – the micro-needle. The intrusion of tiny surgical needles (provided they are professionally designed) is sensed by skin nerve receptors as an injury stimulus. But the needles are so fine and thin that tissue damage is unlikely.

The skin integrity actually stays intact. However, this “nerve-stimulus”, transported by electrical signals, triggers the cascade of the healing process.

So, Doctor, What’s Involved In This Fat Transfer Procedure?

It is a very simple procedure and it is performed in our Miami clinic. No hospitalization required.

The medical staff will anesthetize the site (stomach area or inner thigh). Then fat cells are harvested almost the same way as platelet rich plasma and withdrawn with a syringe.

This is done carefully so the fat cells retain their integrity. The cells are mixed with PRP and then injected into the facial area with a fine needle. There they will be re-vascularized (supplied with blood and nutrients).

Facial Fat Transfer

You can think of this procedure as dermal filler + PRP + Stem Cells + Fat transfer — all-in-one. The difference is that other dermal fillers may consist of gels, collagen, chemicals or naturally-occurring proteins. With this procedure, the filler is your own fat cells and PRP + Stem Cells are your own natural stimulants for collagen production.. So there is no chance of rejection, and the risk of infection is low.


Expected Results

The result is longer-lasting than most dermal fillers injections and could last up to several years. Inevitably, life— laughing, eating, talking, even gravity— will again take its toll on your face. The procedure can be repeated when you think it’s necessary.Fat Transfer can be used to improve your complexion, disguising acne or scars, or to make sunken cheeks look plump and young again.

The fat transfer has gotten good reviews in the medical literature. According to a study published in a medical journal, the Annals of Plastic Surgery:

Autologous fat transfer for facial soft tissue contouring is simple, safe, inexpensive, and effective. Its ready availability, natural integration into host tissues, and potentially permanent correction make it particularly useful for this application. All patients were satisfied with the soft, natural appearance.

Call our Miami clinic [phone] to make an appointment to learn more about the facial fat transfer and whether it’s the right choice for you.

It is possible to have the face in the candlelit room closely resemble the one in bright sunlight. Let us tell you how.

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